Cat Gets Revenge On Woman Kicking Snow On Her

A woman got a taste of her own medicine after kicking snow on a cat. In the short clip posted to reddit, a woman is seen outside on a snowy day as her dog looks on from a fenced yard.

She appears to be angrily shooing the cat away but that’s when the cat springs into action to defend herself and leaps onto the woman.

The surprised woman has to use both hands to pull the cat off of her head. Tossing the cat away from her, the furious feline lands on her feet only to turn the tables on the woman, shooing the woman back to her home.

Many redditors were in awe of the cat’s determination, likening her relentless attack to the Terminator. “A tiny fur-minator,” said one. “When she tosses it, it just lands solidly on it’s feet like a tiny furry terminator,” commented another.

We’re glad the cat wasn’t injured in the encounter. As for the woman it looks like she might have suffered a nasty scratch. But hopefully she’s learned her lesson – always be kind to animals.

Cat revenge from r/instant_regret