Woman Decides To Follow Her Cat On Her Daily Walk And Makes A Heartmelting Discovery

She never expected to find her cat doing this!

Hilda C. is from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and had a cat who was going on a very special mission every day. Hilda was curious about what her cat was getting up to, so one day she decided to follow her. She snapped the amazing photos below.

Every morning, her cat meets with a very special friend: a young deer! The two animals love to hang out in the sunshine together and take turns grooming one another.

Despite their differences in sizes and species, the cat and deer are obviously best friends!

The deer gives his cat friend a snuggle.


The cat gives a snuggle back, in cat fashion.


The pair also like to groom one another.


And give each other back rubs.


They also like to give each other Eskimo kisses!


What an amazing and adorable pair! Their morning routine certainly brought a smile to my face.

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