Rescued Pit Bull Thwarts Carjacker and Protects His Foster Mom

Victor the Pit bull had a cruel life before he was rescued from an illegal dog-fighting ring in Washington. But his courageous spirit was on full display recently, when he protected his foster mom from a carjacker.

Victor was saved Bullseye Dog Rescue and with the help of foster caregiver Amber Melena, Victor has been going through several months of rehabilitation and learning to trust again.

Melena was on a shopping trip with Victor when a man flung open her passenger car door just as she was putting on her seat belt and attempted to hijack her vehicle. That’s when Victor acted.

“He turns around and lets out just this gigantic woof,” Amber said. “And this man throws himself backwards, trips on himself and falls down.”

Police later arrested the man, and Amber was okay thanks to Victor. What a hero!

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