Calico Cat Is Determined to Retrieve Fish Frozen Under Ice

Samsaek the calico cat finds a carp frozen under the ice of the pond outside her home and makes sure to alert her human to it. The very adorable and persistent cat meows and paws at the ice to try and extract the frozen fish.

Samsaek manages to convince her dad to help and he indulges her. He playfully pokes the ice with a wooden plank (but of course he’s not trying to break the ice. He mentions in the video’s subtitles he would never endanger his cat).

Eventually, Samsaek gives up and is joined by her daughters and the trio go exploring and find a toy rock and piece of cloth to play with. It seems the fishing will have to wait for another day!

In an adorable follow up video, Samsaek helps her dad fish in the pond when the ice is not quite as thick. Samsaek participates by meowing when she sees a fish, trying to snag the fishing line and helping put caught fish into a container. And if you continue watching you’ll find out why Samsaek is so interested fishing – mystery solved!

With all this activity around fishing it’s no wonder Samsaek has such a keen eye for carp.

The Korean cat and her family has quite a social media following; her YouTube channel has gathered millions of views and there are plenty of cute photos of on Instagram.

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