Bulldog Found Unconscious On The Street Saved Just In Time

Meet Princess, a 15-month-old English Bulldog who is lucky to be alive after she was found lying unconscious on the street.


Her body was riddled with demodex mange and she was starving, weighing a mere 18 pounds, 12 ounces (a bulldog her age should weigh at least 45 pounds).

She was so weak she could barely stand up.

Adopt-A-Bull Rescue took Princess in and immediately took her to the vet.

The rescue discovered that her mange has been untreated since she was a puppy and that her former owners had bought her from a pet store but they returned her when they learned she was sick with mange.


Princess when she arrived at the vet. Photo credit: Adopt-A-Bull Rescue

It’s not known what transpired after Princess was returned to the pet store/puppy mill, but Adopt-A-Bull has a strong suspicion that whoever was harboring Princess let her purposefully deteriorate before dumping her.

Their efforts now are focused on getting Princess better. And the good news is that Princess is expected to make a full recovery!


Photo credit: Adopt-A-Bull Rescue

She has already gained a few pounds and is up and walking. What a difference a few days of love make. And the latest wonderful news is that Princess has been adopted and found a wonderful home!

Visit the Adopt-A-Bull Rescue website to find out how you can help Princess and other dogs like her.

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