A Boy Born Without Fingers Just Got An “Iron-Man” Hand. What He Does Right Away Is Touching!

A little boy born without fingers on one of his hands was able to grab his other hand for the first time thanks to an ingenious mechanical-hand created with 3D printer technology.

Rayven “Bubba” Kahae’s grandmother discovered the non-profit group E-nabling online and thought they may be able to help her grandson.

The 3-year-old from Hawaii suffers from ABS (Amniotic Band Syndrome), which his family say has always made him feel different from other children.

boy gets prosthetic created by 3D printer

Rayven received the prosthetic colored to match his favorite super hero, Iron Man. The family did not have to pay anything for the special hand. The cost of producing his Iron Man hand was just $50 – a huge contrast from the tens of thousands of dollars that would normally be spent on a prosthetic.

The mechanical-hand has already boosted Rayven’s confidence and has changed his life!

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