Boy’s Funny Reaction To Shoveling Snow Is So Relatable It’s Gone Viral

A young Canadian boy has created the first major viral meme of 2022 with his exhausted, hilarious reaction to shovelling snow. After a huge snowstorm hit Toronto, Ontario, CTV News took to the streets to interview its citizens. That’s when they came across Carter Trozzolo with his snow shovel on the street.

Carter didn’t say much other than that he’s tired and would rather be in school after a full day of of shoveling for “my neighbours, friends, and probably people I don’t even know.” But it’s the way he said it and his sighs that have captured everyone’s attention.

His interview caught the attention of the Toronto District who shared Carter’s interview and tweeted: “We can’t wait to have you back at school, Carter. Thank you for helping neighbours, friends and even people you don’t know.”

The video has been viewed millions of times and been shared all over the world. A follow-up interview with Carter and his mom is equally adorable. In it, Carter’s mom explains that she thinks her son has captured that feeling of exhaustion that so many people can relate to right now.

In Carter’s defence, it was a lot of snow he had to clear, even for a Canadian winter. Toronto recorded a record snowfall of 36cm. The snow storm had prompted a blizzard warning too, the city’s first since 1978.

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