Boy Outsmarts Dad After Betting Him He Can Pull Money Bill Out From Under Bottle Without Touching It

There comes a time in every parent’s life when their kid outsmarts them in one way or another. Maybe it’s using technology in a way you just don’t quite understand, or reciting something they learned at school that you never have heard of. Or, they pull a trick on you, like this kid.

The young boy has set a glass bottle upside down on top of a 50 euro bill. He bets his dad that he can pull it out from under the bottle without touching the bottle and convinces his dad to give it a try. Dad tries and fails. Then it’s his son’s turn…

The clever kid doesn’t revel in his glory, he says a quick “merci” before he grabs the money and runs away! The boy’s “hussle” quickly garnered the YouTube video millions of views and as one viewer commented, “The dad’s face when his kid outsmarts him…like that says it all.”

Another viewer commented, “The dad: I’ve been tricked, I’ve been backstabbed, and I’ve been quite possibly… bamboozled. His expression is golden.”

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