Boy Knocks on Neighbor’s Door in Search for Friends After Being Bullied

A young boy desperately needing friends decided to go searching for one and found some friends he wasn’t expecting. Recently, Shayden went door knocking in his Texas neighborhood to ask his neighbors if they knew any kids his age. One door he knocked on was Brennan Ray’s. Ray wasn’t home at the time but he answered over his home camera and struck up a conversation with the young boy.

Shayden explained why he stopped by, telling Ray, “I need some friends really bad.” When Ray asked about the other kids down the street, Shayden explained that his previous friends were bullies.

Ray and his wife got emotional about Shayden’s request, realizing it was a call for help. In fact, the conversation made such big impression on the couple that they decided to see if they could help Shayden out.

The couple followed up to see how Shayden was doing and ended up befriending Shayden and his mom themselves. They also shared his story online where it quickly went viral and got millions of views with notes of encouragement coming from all over the world.

And as for Shayden? When asked by Inside Edition’s Les Trent if he’s made any friends since his story went viral, Shayden excitedly responded, “Oh yah!”

What a heartwarming story of acceptance and helping your neighbor. One viewer noted, “This love and acceptance from the neighbors especially, have shown him is exactly what a bullied child needs. He went to the right door.”

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