Blind Dog Suddenly Smells Her Dad In Sweet Moment

A heartwarming video of a blind dog interacting with her family has captured the hearts of dog lovers everywhere. In it, a blind dog is outside in the yard with her family but they are far away. She’s around 100 feet away when she gets a whiff of something familiar and hones in on the scent!

It’s such a sweet moment when she happily wags her tail and heads over to see her family. People watching the video couldn’t help but get emotional.

“You can literally see the moment the dog caught a whiff of her owner an realized he’s close. I’m not that sensitive of a guy but [it’s] really heart melting…”

Another viewer revealed that they too had a blind dog. “I had a blind dog for 14 years. She was a dear. Always cuddled. Always loved being held. Could stand on her hind legs for minutes. She learned standing above her brothers got her attention. She had memorized the whole house and could move around no problem. And her brothers protected her and led her around whenever they were somewhere strange.”

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