Dog Whose Owner ‘Forgot’ To Feed Him In Disbelief When Rescuers Give Him Food

Benji had spent his whole life chained and lying on concrete. The young dog was half starved to death because his “owner” had “forgot” to feed him. He also had wounds all over his body where cruel people had thrown rocks at him. That’s when Sidewalk Specials, an animal rescue in Cape Town, South Africa, arrived to save him.

When they first placed a bowl of food in front of Benji, he was in disbelief. “He thought it was a trick and he’d get kicked for eating, but he was too hungry to stop,” rescuers wrote.

It was heartbreaking to see his condition, but his rescuers rushed him to the vets, who stayed after hours to pull Benji from the brink of death.

Soon after, Benji was ready for adoption and just wait until you see him at 2:00! I didn’t recognize him. It’s shocking but in the best way possible!

Note: Benji’s condition at the beginning of the video may be disturbing for some viewers, but his recovery is amazing to see!

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