Beautiful Cat With “So Awful It’s Cute” Sleeping Face Will Totally Charm You

Setsu-chan is a beautiful cat. With his pristine white coat and piercing blue eyes, he is the picture of elegance…until he takes a nap.

Setsu-chan belongs to a Japanese illustrator named Mino. After looking at the cat’s photos, some people have said the cat has the “most awful sleeping face” they’ve ever seen.


Photo credit: Twitter/Mino_ris

As soon as his eyes begin to close, a hilarious transformation takes place.


Photo credit: Twitter/Mino_ris

It’s not like he knows his feline charms are “deactivated” when he falls into a REM state.


Photo credit: Twitter/Mino_ris

But as soon as his eyes close and sleep begins to take over, his defenses go down.


Photo credit: Twitter/Mino_ris

And weird, very un-catlike expressions take over his face.


Photo credit: Twitter/Mino_ris

It’s hard not to do a double-take when looking at him.


Photo credit: Twitter/Mino_ris

Where did Setsu-chan go?


Photo credit: Twitter/Mino_ris

But as soon as his nap is over, the “awful” face is gone as quickly as it came. And Setsu-chan has returned.


Photo credit: Twitter/Mino_ris

Whether he’s sleeping or awake this doppleganger cat completely charmed me!

Follow Shetsu-chan on Mino’s Twitter and keep your eye out for a book devoted to this wonderful cat that will be published in Japan soon.

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