Men Helps Bear With Tin Stuck Over Its Head

A man was driving on the Alaska Highway when he noticed several vehicles had pulled over on the road. Thinking the semi-truck had broken down, he asked the driver if he needed help and instead discovered it was a wild bear that was in need of a helping hand. The small black bear had gotten his head trapped in a large tin can and he was wandering aimlessly on the road.

“I got out of my vehicle and started videoing the bear as it walked around the area, many times walking into vehicles, and walking right by me,” the videographer wrote. “I called the Alaska Fish and Game office in Tok and informed them of the situation. They told me there have been other calls as well and how much I thought the bear weighed so they can bring the right amount of tranquilizer.”

The man continued on his way, and when he returned 20 minutes later, he saw the bear laying down on the ground and the fish and game authorities working to cut the tin off the bear’s head. The man helped them lift the bear into the woods where it could wake up and return to the wild. Thanks to everyone’s efforts, the bear was freed and saved!

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