Wild Bear Snuggles With Newly Washed Bed Sheet That Was Hanging On The Line

A black bear took a break from foraging for food to snuggle with a bed sheet hanging in a family’s backyard. In a cute video clip shared on Reddit, the bear is seen holding the sheet between his front paws. The bear brings the sheet to his face and presses his cheeks to it, much like the fictional bears featured in Charmin toilet paper ads.

The video is humorously entitled, “When you hang out your newly-washed sheets on the line in North Van.”

If you have trouble viewing the video above, try the version below:

Coobrowning, who posted the video to reddit, shared that the bear was in his neighbor’s backyard in North Vancouver, British Columbia when he was spotted. One person jokingly asked, “What fabric softener do you use? Clearly a fave.”

“Ha, I wish I knew! This was a neighbour’s backyard,” responded coobrowning.

The bear is clearly enamoured with the sheet. Having watched the bear with it, we’re pretty sure the sheet will go right back into the wash before it entices the bear all over again!

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