Bear Fleeing Another Bear Surprises Hunters In Treestand

Two hunters in a treestand got a big surprise when a black bear decided to join them!

One of the hunters recorded the incident as a “selfie” video, his face showing a display of shock and awe as he tries to keep his cool.

The video opens with the men noticing a couple of black bears below them on the ground. But the larger bear isn’t friendly to the other bear and chases after the smaller bear. That’s when the bear flees up the tree.

Both men remain very still, hoping to not catch the attention of their furry visitor. At one point the man filming muffles his mouth with nervous laughter as the bear gets very close to him.

The video has gotten close to 39 million views. Many viewers commented on the motivation of the younger bear. One viewer wrote, “Bear: ‘Ahh crap, there are humans up here too. I just can’t get a break today.'”

Another wrote, “That bear was like, ‘Did you guys see that bear chasing me!? That was close!'”

Others on reddit noted that the bigger bear is after the bait barrel and observed that when the smaller bear tries to climb down the larger bear runs up and lets the other bear know not to come down.

The video reminds us of the time a smaller had a run in with a big bear and fled to a treetop only to be pestered by eagles.

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