Bear Family Has Late Night Pool Party In Family’s Backyard

A family in South Lake Tahoe, California, awoke to a noise coming from their backyard and discovered a family of bears having a late night pool party.

The bears take turns jumping in, splashing and playing with the balls floating in the water! One young bear even takes a tennis ball out and then puts it back in the pool.

The homeowner wrote of the impromptu bear party: “At 2 in the morning, we heard some noises coming from our backyard and to our surprise, it was 4 bears all having a blast in my daughter’s pool.”

The homeowner recorded the video on October 4, 2020. It could be that the bears bears may have been seeking some refuge from the Fork Fire which has been burning across thousands of acres southwest of Lake Tahoe since September 8th but is now 70% contained.

This is not the first time bears have taken a backyard swim in the pool. A pair of cubs stopped for a backyard swim in the summer. [Editor’s note: we are pretty sure this earlier video is recorded at the very same home, although the bear cubs may be different bears.]

In this instance, the homeowner said, “While I was laying in bed I heard some noises coming from my backyard. When I looked outside my window I saw two cubs playing in my daughter’s pool.”

The daughter’s pool is very popular. Could her name be Goldilocks?

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