Funny Beagle Loves Dancing To Reggeaton With Grandma

A funny Beagle named Bailey is taking the Internet by storm because of his love of Reggeaton. Wendy Berenguer shared a video of her dog dancing with her mom in the kitchen and the two are hilarious.

In the video posted to Facebook, Bailey sits on his hind legs and shakes and twists with the beat. At first he doesn’t notice Wendy behind him – he’s too busy having fun with grandma. But as soon as he notices, he turns around and begins to dance again but at a better angle for mom to catch it all on video!

Reggaeton is a music dance style that originated in Puerto Rico and is a fun mix of rap and song. For Bailey’s family, his moves make them laugh and smile. After posting the video, it went viral and has so far been viewed more than 1.3 million times. Viewers are in love with Bailey, calling him “too cute” and saying he’s their “spirit animal”.

Watch Bailey and his Reggeaton moves in the video below!

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