Battered Dog Found Curled Up On A Porch Just Wants To Be Held

“Are you here for me?” That’s what stray dog Tabea seemed to be saying when Stray Rescue of St. Louis arrived to rescue her. The Pit Bull had crawled over to a house for refuge. Stray Rescue wrote, “She found a quiet porch of a kind lady and curled up as tiny as she could possibly make herself. As we approached, she didn’t believe we were really there to help her, she tried to be invisible.”

Tabea on a porch. Stray Rescue of St. Louis

Rescuers noted her emaciated frame and described, “She’s covered in strange scars and battered with cuts and bruises.” But Tabea seemed to know they were there to help her and followed Donna to the van without protest.

A day later, Tabea was settling in at the shelter. The sweet-natured dog just wants to be held and loved and Stray Rescue’s Cassady is happy to oblige.

“Cassady is in love with this little baby and giving her kisses from all of you,” wrote Stray Rescue of St. Louis. “We’ll heal her heart, soul, and body.”

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