Man Uses Explosive ‘Bait Box’ To Cover Package Thief With Dog Poo

When thieves in Tom Mabe’s neighborhood began to snatch deliveries from his doorstep, the YouTube prankster decided to get revenge. In the video below, Tom explains he lives in a pretty nice neighborhood. But when he and his neighbor, Bob, noticed that packages were disappearing from their front porches, Tom decided to do something about it. And Tom knows how to carry out a prank.

He decides to leave the thieves a ‘bait box’ rigged with dog poop. A timer is placed on the box that is set to explode after 40 seconds of being touched. Then, he and his team set up extra surveillance cameras. Tom hopes that his trap works and that “someone’s about to have a really sh*tty day.” The second he notices a suspicious car driving by his home, he rushes to see what surveillance cameras are filming. Let’s just say, revenge is sweet!

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