Animal Rescue Grows From Saving One Dog To Over One Thousand

It all began with one person fostering one dog in a one-bedroom apartment and it grew to saving more than 1,400 dogs four years later. Sara Cross began her rescue efforts with one dog and with that one dog Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue was born. When she began focusing on saving dogs from high kill pounds she said she felt very disempowered. With all the dogs to help it’s easy to be overwhelmed.

“Once you start, it’s very hard to stop because the deluge of dogs about to be killed for no other reason than overpopulation is just never-ending and completely overwhelming,” she said.

But she did not let that dissuade her from founding her nonprofit and building up a network of foster-caregivers that now helps hundreds of dogs every year.

“When I started seeing the dogs that I had saved living great lives, it made me feel a sense of empowerment that nothing else has given me,” Sara says.

“People say when you save a dog’s life, it’s not saving the whole world,” she says, “but it’s changing the whole world for that dog.” She add, “And it’s changing the whole world for that adopter,” she adds.

Watch her interview below and the heartwarming family moments she and her team of volunteers have helped make happen thanks to their efforts.

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