Man Sees Porcupine Get Hit By A Car And Rescues Her Baby By C-Section

I have never heard of anyone doing this. Ever. This is both an unusual and wonderful rescue.

Jared Buzzell and a friend were out when they saw a car hit a porcupine on road in Maine. They immediately investigated to see if they could help the injured animal.

Sadly, the porcupine had been killed. Jared had heard from his uncle that porcupines have a rare valuable mineral that forms inside the animal’s stomach and decided to cut open the porcupine to see if it was true.

But instead of finding a mineral he found something even more precious – a baby!


Cutting the umbilical cord, Jared put the newborn in a hat. At first he thought the baby might be dead because it wasn’t breathing. He massaged it and cleared the baby’s lungs and it started breathing.


Jared took the baby porcupine home to his family and they have been feeding it animal baby formula.


Even though the family has fallen in love with the baby, keeping baby porcupines is illegal, so the family will be turning over the baby to a certified wildlife rehabilitator.

Not everyone stops when they witness wild animals involved in accidents, even fewer would even think to do what Jared did.

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