Adorable Baby Kookaburra Shows Off Its Signature Laugh

An Australian homeowner living in Bunya, Queensland was recently visited by an adorable baby Kookaburra who decided to start up a conversation filled with birdie “laughter.” They shared the cute video, which shows the tiny bird demonstrating its vocal range!

“I live on acreage and have many native birds on my property. We have just been inundated by floods and the birds have been needing extra care during this time. I’m also studying to be a licensed wildlife caregiver,” the homeowner writes on YouTube. “‘Baby’ or ‘Waddles’ is the first juvenile to be born to the kookaburras on my property.”

They go on to explain, “Kookaburras are monogamous and the whole family will pitch in to feed the young ones. They are an amazing Australian bird. Not only do they have their signature ‘laugh’ but they chortle amongst each other as well. They have the ability to recognize human faces.”

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