Baby Goat Rescued Off Roadside Finds A Happy New Life

A baby goat named Harley was found all by herself and wandering near a busy road by a Good Samaritan. The kind person took her to the local shelter. When she wasn’t claimed, the Good Samaritan who found her asked Hooves & Paws Animal Rescue, located in Little Rock, California, if they could take her.

Harley is now happily living among her new family and friends at Hooves and Paws. Michele, the co-founder of the rescue, did try to reach the original owners but they did not respond.

Likely, Harley was destined for the goat meat trade (because of her ear tag – which Michelle clips off in the video). But because Harley was a runt, they may have discarded her. It turns out that was probably very lucky for the little kid who now is destined for a happy life!

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