Baby Enjoying A Huge Bowl Of Blueberries Makes Millions Of People Smile

She can’t talk yet, but she sure can eat. Baby Summer has a healthy appetite, and her love of food has recently caught everyone’s attention when a video of her eating blueberries went viral.

The baby from Nova Scotia, Canada sits in front of a huge bowl of fresh blueberries and grabs them by the handful.

Her “blueberry bliss” has amassed over 4 million views online and earned her the moniker “Blueberry baby”, but she’s taking it all in stride, as are her parents who are quite proud of Summer’s healthy appetite. Filmed at the family’s market – The Vegetorium Country Farm Market – the family enjoys sharing their bountiful harvest with the community and her family.

Watch the cute moment of the “Blueberry Baby”.

You can watch more about how Summer became the “Blueberry Baby” in the news video below.

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