Baby Elk has Fun in Puddle When Nobody’s Looking

This elk calf is just like a little kid and like any little kid he loves splashing in puddles! In this cute video, the baby elk spots a puddle and can’t resist running through it. The moment his hooves touch the water he starts to prance and kick and splash!

The calf was filmed by David Neils in Colorado, who has used trail cameras for over 10 years now. His company, Wild Nature Media focuses on wildlife conservation, education and research. It’s not the first time he’s captured animals enjoying puddles either.

Neils also caught a grown up elk splashing in a puddle too! The elk uses his front hooves to splash the water and he also dips his horns in the water too!

You can see lots of Neils’ videos and other wild animals in candid moments on camera on his Vimeo channel.

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