Reporter At Baby Elephant Orphanage Gets Hilariously Interrupted On Air

A reporter in Nairobi, Kenya was reporting on the heartbreaking plight of baby orphaned elephants when one decided to lighten the mood. The curious elephant named Kindani used her trunk to check out what the reporter was up to while he was reporting live on air. And try as he might, the reporter couldn’t keep a straight face.

Kindani is one of the elephants rescued by Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, one of Africa’s oldest wildlife charities. It has been a devastating few years for elephants in Africa due to human-wildlife conflicts, poaching and climate change. Hundreds have died this year in Kenya from the worst drought in decades in the country. But this moment reminds us of the joy elephants bring to the world with their intelligence and their humor.

To “adopt” Kindani and learn more about Sheldrick Wildlife Trust visit their website.

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