Baby Beaver At Wildlife Rescue Decides To Build A Dam In The Doorway

Nibi the baby beaver got a special treat of some sticks while at Newhouse Wildlife Rescue and immediately got busy doing what beavers are best known for. She started to build a dam in the doorway of the rehab room.

The animal rescue in Chelmsford, MA, shared the adorable video of the busy beaver, which has since gotten over 300 thousand views.

“As a reward for her good behavior towards her new roommate, Nibi was allowed to have the rehab room to herself for an hour while Ziibi enjoyed the semi aquatic enclosure,” Newhouse Wildlife Rescue wrote.

“Nibi immediately started building a dam at the door where her roommate exited…you know…in case Ziibi tries to come back inside,” the rescuers added jokingly.

Here’s the Facebook version of the video.

Nibi makes the cutest happy hop, showing just how much she enjoys her playtime.

With the spotlight on Nibi, her rescuers took the opportunity to further explain why beavers are so important to the ecosystem but often come under threat from humans.

“As adorable as it is to watch a baby beaver learning to build a dam, I can’t help but think that this is the exact behavior that gets them in trouble with humans. Thousands of beavers are killed every year due to the trouble their dams cause in people’s lives,” Newhouse Wildlife Rescue wrote. “Sometimes their dams cause flooding in areas or the trees they take down can cause damage. I am not going to write about the ways people get rid of beavers because, quite frankly, it’s very upsetting and it hurts my heart.”

Her rehabilitator continued to explain that: “Beavers are a keystone species and many people don’t realize that killing them can be ecologically detrimental. Beaver ponds and lodges provide shelter and food for many species of fish, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals, including some listed as threatened or endangered under the Endangered Species Act. Beaver activity in an area can increase plant biodiversity by as much as 33%.”

She/he also explained how beaver dams help improve water quality by reducing erosion and retaining sediment, which helps filter out pollutants. They also help influence the “creation and maintenance of wetlands even during extreme drought. The water they work so hard to store actually helps PREVENT droughts.”

The group says there are good ways to help prevent beavers from causing trouble without killing them.

“There are special flow devices or “beaver deceivers” that can prevent beavers dams from causing trouble by making sure they don’t block too much water. They create small openings in the dam. Culvert-protective fencing has worked wonders in preventing beaver-caused blockages. Trees can be protected by covering the trunks with wire mesh fencing. These tips not only work but are actually a SMARTER LONG TERM SOLUTION than killing the beavers because, inevitably, another beaver family will take its place.”

The rescue said the trick is to learn how to live with them. “It is possible and it has been proven to be the least expensive and most effective route.” And it helps keep the beavers, and all the animals they support, alive!

Find out more about Newhouse Wildlife Rescue’s beaver kits and education materials at their website.

And for those wondering, Nibi also likes her enrichment time to include more simple human toys like balls.

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