Man Rescues Baby Baboon From Abuse And Finds Her A Home

This is a story of Bamboo the Baboon. She came to live with Christopher Colwell for 7 days after he bought her from a few abusive children in Abu Dhabi. He recorded a video of his interactions with Bamboo with the purpose of sharing the important message that animals like Bamboo should be left in the wild and not kept as pets. It should be noted that Chris is quadriplegic.

He took Bamboo from her abusive situation in order to find her a better situation and that’s what he did. She now lives at Abu Dhabi Wildlife Centre in the U.A.E. with another young Olive Baboon. Of course, the ideal situation would have been that Bamboo was never taken from the wild in the first place, but she’s in a better place now, and that’s thanks to Chris.

His message is so important. Please be sure to share it and help put an end to animals like Bamboo being sold as pets.

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