Audience In Tears With Irish Priest’s Song, Simon Declares It One Of His ‘Favorite Ever Auditions’

Tears flowed after Father Ray Kelly took to the stage and sang R.E.M’s ‘Everybody Hurts’. When the Irish priest first steps on stage, the judges ask why he decided to audition.

He tells them he wants to be the first “singing priest” to win Britain’s Got Talent. As for his song choice, he explains that the song is one he can relate to, especially given his line of work.

Not knowing what to expect, the judges give him the “go-ahead” and that’s when everyone in the crowd goes completely silent. With his dulcet tones and beautiful voice, everyone is completely spellbound.

When he finishes, there’s a silent pause before the audience jumps to their feet and gives him a thunderous applause.

To say his singing talent is “God-given” may just be an understatement. See why he got a standing ovation by clicking play below.

If you enjoyed Fr. Kelly’s performance here, you will love his surprise for a bride and groom during their wedding ceremony.

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