Anxious Dog Greets Mom With Pillows Every Morning

Amos was an over-anxious dog when Melissa first rescued him. Every time the washing machine would go on he’d shrink away and refuse to walk past it in the hallway. “It was so distressing for me and him,” Mel told the Dodo.

It was an issue she wanted to deal with so she called a dog trainer for help. Through some patience, some paper plates and treats Amos grew more confident. As he gained confidence he also grabbed a pillow and would run through the corridor. Soon it just became his thing. Now, he loves to greet his mom every day with a pillow.

The Catahoula and Beagle mix grabs the pillows and brings them outside and shows them to Mel. Mel says she has no intention of dissuading Amos from his pillow routine.

She adds that Amos has helped her a lot too. “He’s helped me have a bit more fun and just run around and be silly. He’s shown me just how amazing dogs are.”

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