7 Surprising Alternative Uses For Vicks VapoRub

I’ll always remember my mom using Vicks VapoRub to help relieve my congestion and coughs. She even had a Vicks VapoRub humidifier to help clear my sinuses.

The popular, perennial topical cream has three essential ingredients: camphor, eucalyptus oil and menthol. These all produce vapours to help with congestion and colds.

But did you know that Vicks VapoRub actually has several other medicinal uses other than relieving congestion?

Here are a few alternatives:

1. Headaches. AnswersVideo (see the video below) suggests that applying some Vicks to your temples will alleviate symptoms of a headache. If you’re suffering from a sinus headache putting ointment under your nose and breathing deeply may offer quick relief.

2. Muscle aches and pains. Vicks can help alleviate muscle aches. Rub Vicks over the muscles that are causing pain and then wrap them in a dry, warm towel.

3. Splinter healing and paper cuts. AnswersVideo suggests rubbing the ointment around small cuts will help disinfect the wound and improve healing. However, eHow warns against applying the product to open wounds and damaged skin, so be cautious when applying the cream in this way.

4. Toenail fungus. VapoRub can help infected toenails, according to AnswersVideo. The Vicks needs to be applied two to three times a day for as long as is needed. The process may take several weeks to months.

5. Repel bugs. AnswersVideo suggests applying light amounts of Vicks to clothing and skin will scare some bugs away. If you get bitten, try rubbing some ointment on that spot for itch relief.

6. Dissuading pet behavior. Cats will likely stay away from furniture dabbed with Vicks, says AnswersVideo, thereby keeping items scratch-free. It can also be used to de-scent a pee spot, preventing a dog or cat from marking inside the home. However, a word of caution, Vicks VapoRub should never be ingested in any way, so if your pet attempts to lick the spot, try another solution.

7. Helping minor ear aches. Apparently, dabbing some VapoRub onto a cotton ball and putting it in your ear for a few hours will help reduce the pain. According to Nurse Suzy, “For mild earaches, use a small amount of Vicks VapoRub on a cotton ball…this will help reduce the pain, but it will not clear up a possible infection.”

As with any product, please read the manufacturer’s instructions and safety warnings prior to using their product.

Watch the video below for more tips on alternative Vicks VapoRub uses. Do you have a use for VapoRub that they don’t mention?

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