Adorable Goats Scratch an Itch at Zoo

Goats at the Frankfurt Zoo in Germany wanted to scratch an itch and so decided to use the fun rotating brush built into the wall of their habitat! Watching each goat, from baby to adults, walk through the bristles delighted the visitors and brought a smile to our faces.

The cute video was filmed by Alexandros Kotzias who told Storyful he spotted a large crowd “standing in front of a fence and observing and laughing at something” and went to check it out.

“It was the goats, some of them interacting with each other and some going to get a scratch,” Kotzias said. “The children were quite excited (you can hear some laughter when the first goat goes to the scratch station), and the goats seemed to be having a good time as well, they were relaxed and playful with each other,” he added.

Goats like being scratched for a variety of reasons. When a goat sheds its fur and is growing new fur, this can cause a goat to scratch. Also, studies have shown that goats simply want to be scratched and often will stare at humans to get petted and scratched. In the case of these goats, they can get a scratch whenever they want!

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