Abused Dog Found Abandoned Inside Nailed-Shut Dog House That Was Dumped On The Street

When dog rescuers found Walter Worthy Higgins they were left almost in tears. The poor dog was trapped inside a wooden dog house that was boarded shut and then dumped on a street in southern Los Angeles. He was inside the makeshift prison for three days before a passerby ripped open the nailed-shut box and discovered him inside.

Ghetto Rescue Foundation was immediately notified and a volunteer went out to look. She found an “extremely sad, terrified and clearly abused dog” cowering in the back of the decrepit wooden home. Walter had bite marks on his body and a swollen leg.


She took a video of how she found Walter and posted it to Facebook:

Animal control was called and they took the Shepherd Chow mix away for medical treatment and a mandatory hold period.

Ghetto Rescue Foundation said that they plan on picking up Walter as soon as his “hold” is up, after which  he will be going into a foster home for rehabilitation.

The rescue wrote on their Facebook page, “If anyone attempts to claim him as their dog they will have a lot if explaining to do, and we all know no one will claim him. Our volunteer saw an extremely sad, terrified and clearly abused dog. Dogs like Walter bring awareness to the plight of street dogs and abused dogs we encounter. We now wait while our volunteers, police and fire folks continue our daily efforts to help street dogs.”

Thank goodness for the dedication and kindness of these people. Walter Worthy Higgins is finally in good hands!

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