Rockettes Perform Toy Soldiers Falling Down And Completely Mesmerize Audience

These toy soldiers create a mesmerizing performance that has to be seen to be believed. We all recognize the toy soliders with their white pants, red shirt and plumed hats. They have become synonymous with the Nutcracker ballet and Christmas.

Even if you’ve never seen a live performance of The Nutcracker, you’ll be impressed by this routine performed by the Rockettes of Radio City as part of their Christmas Spectacular.

Dressed as the iconic toy soldiers, the thirty-six dancers move in perfect unison and create the effect of moving like you would imagine toy soldiers would. They have the audience completely entranced as they dance and show off their intricate moves on the large stage.

But the slow motion move at 4:08 for the grand finale has to be my favorite. The toy soldiers are “shot” by a cannon and one by one they topple to the ground. Spectacular!

Watch the impressive performance in the video clip below!

If you have trouble viewing the clip above, try the version below.

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