19 Pets Who Really Hate The Thought Of Going To The Vet

Going to the doctor or dentist with children is much like going to the vet with pets. They can be a bit nervous, they can get upset, or they try to hide, what with the poking and prodding and strange new environment. Of course they don’t realize it’s for their own good, but hopefully they will forgive you afterwards when you reward their bravery with treats and cuddles!

In the following photos, these pets suddenly realize they are going to the veterinarian and they’re not too happy about it. Whereas some are going for the first time, others just assume they are going (like in photo #1). Their reactions will make you want to give them a big, reassuring hug!

1. “My friend’s dogs think they are going to the vet when in reality they are headed to the park.”

2. “She knows she his headed to the vet.”

3. “He’s not sure if we’re going to the park or the vet.”

4. “Someone gets a little nervous at the Vet.”

5. Puppy’s first visit to the vet.

6. “The exact moment he realized he was heading to the vet.”

7. “The vet thought we came in without her.”

8. “My puppy does not like the vet.”

9. “Took apart my cat’s crate at the vet because he wouldn’t come out. Didn’t work!”

10. “Sometimes we go to the vet, and it can be scary.”

11. “Little Bob desperately hiding at the vet.”

12. “My dog “hiding” from the vet.”

13. “Moment of bravery at the vet.”

14. “Nami’s first vet visit!”

15. “The vet said ‘time for shots’.”

16. “My cat doesn’t like the Vet.”

17. “On the way to the vet, Dodger knows something is afoot…”

18. “She stood like this for most of her visit to the vet. I guess she thought that, if her head was hidden, the rest of her was, too.”

19. “Marvin had to go to the vet. He wasn’t impressed by the tiny chair we made him sit in.”

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