Woman Brings Her Old, Deaf Dog To A Rock Concert And His Reaction Is Priceless

You’re never too old (or deaf) to enjoy rock n’ roll! Boy the West Highland Terrier is usually a slow walker and doesn’t usually respond when other dogs bark, but when he heard a rock band playing in a city square he surprised his human, Beril Sirmacek, with what he did!

She describes: “I was walking my West Highland Terrier named ‘Boy’ in our town center, where a liberation day rock concert was going on. When we came closer Boy started pulling me towards the concert. Boy is already 17 years old, hardly hears other dogs barking, staggers because of his stiff legs and has difficulty even standing up. Maybe he was happy to finally hear or feel the loud music, but he started jumping around on the music like crazy. People were watching Boy instead of the rock concert, and children started to imitate his funny way of jumping.”

Rock on, Boy, rock on!

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