14 Cats And Dogs Who Bravely Battled Bees

Anyone who has been by bees stung knows that they are painful and not a lot of fun. It helps to be prepared if your dog or cat is stung by a bee or wasp, so make sure you evaluate the situation and call your vet if you need to.

At the very least, your pet might need an antihistamine to help with the pain and itching. At the worst, they could need to emergency care, especially if they have an allergic reaction. And if a dog or cat is stung in their mouth please seek veterinary help immediately as the swelling can suffocate them. Also, if you notice your pet showing any sign of having trouble breathing or any other signs of severe allergic reaction, take your pet to the vet right away.

As for these fellas, they’re recovering. They’ll just look a bit funny for a while.

1. Cat’s nose after losing a battle with a bee

2. “My cousin’s puppy ate a bee. Don’t worry he’s fine now.”

3. This is why kittens shouldn’t play with bees

4. Hmmffhggfff

5. “My poor dog was stung by a bee.”

6. He tried to eat them…

7. Waffles had an unfortunate run-in-with a bee

8. Cat got stung on the chin

9. “This is Huxley. Today he ate a bee…

10. Poor baby!

11. “My friends dog ate a bee, he now looks like Goofy.”

12. “Barney bit a bee. The bee won.”

13. Bee stings aren’t fun.

14. One of them met a bee…

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