10-Year Old Boy’s Dueling Banjos Performance With ‘Master Banjo’ Man Is Incredible

Brennan is only 10 year olds but he’s already confident enough to share the stage with “Master Banjo man” Rick Perry. Watch as these two perform a “dueling banjos” routine that has entertained millions of viewers. The fun really gets started two minutes in!

“I can’t type a big enough smile to justify how great this makes me feel. Great job guys,” writes one viewer.

Another says, “Great music and so heartwarming to hear the crowd rooting for the little guy! Shows most folks still got their heads on straight, despite the madness all around.”

“Absolutely fantastic! One of my favorite tunes. So upbeat,” another viewer wrote.

Some netizens have said that the pair are father and son, which makes the performance even more wholesome.

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