Woman Rescues Thousands of Guinea Pigs After Discovering No Rescue In Her City

A woman has dedicated her life to caring for hundreds of adorable guinea pigs after she noticed there were no rescues in her community. Saskia Chiesa set up Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue 20 years ago in Chatsworth, California.

She looked around for a rescue exclusively for guinea pigs in the city and didn’t find any. That’s when she knew she would establish her own shelter. She told Caters News that guinea pigs are “her spirit animal” and it didn’t take long for her to establish a reputation as a rescuer for the cute furry animals.

The guinea pig lover expected to start slowly, but she told the news agency that she found herself with 20 guinea pigs with health problems within the first month of opening. But since that time Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue has saved thousands of animals and also has helped many pet parents learn the proper way to care for the adorable creatures.

You can watch Saskia’s full story in the video below.