Puppy Throws Adorable Tantrum Getting Her Second Groom

Oreo the puppy may be tiny but she has a big personality. She’s also is just getting used to being groomed, what with this being only the second time in her life. Oreo’s mom, Bobbie Lee, shared this cute clip of Oreo throwing an adorable tantrum with her groomer (who happens to work out of Bobbie’s husband’s vet clinic).

Please wait a few seconds for the video below to load.

Bobbie Lee told The Dodo that Oreo had just finished an epic playtime and was ready for a nap, not a haircut. But Bobbie knows the little pup will get used to it under the loving hands of her groomer. “She’s the picture of health. It is just her personality,” Bobbie said. “Our groomer is so good with her dogs. She sings to them, talks to them and just loves on them. Most of them love to come for her grooming. Oreo is just learning.”

Oreo reminds me a lot of Thunder the Husky. He loves his groomer, but he also loves to complain!