Veterinarian Rushes To Capture And Save Stray Dog With Plastic Pipe Around His Neck

This video captures the incredible moment that a veterinarian braves the snow-covered outskirts of Bucharest, Romania to save a stray dog’s life. The dog, who had a piece of large plastic pipe constricting his throat was roaming the streets of Bucharest when a Rosu Ovidiu (“The Outdoor Rescue Vet”) came to his rescue on January 11, 2017.

After 6 hours of fighting half a metre of snow, the vet was finally able to spot the dog. After expertly tranquilizing the dog, the vet specialist immediately slides a pair of scissors under the plastic before cutting it off, to reveal the dog’s damaged neck.

The vet wrote that “as far as we understood the dog had the plastic pipe inserted around his neck when he was young by a guy that thought it looked funny… The dog grew and the pipe remained in place, progressively cutting through the skin, constraining the head movements.”

Once the pipe was removed, the dog was taken to a vet clinic for further treatment and neutering. Marinela Tudor reported the case to Rosu Ovidiu. She runs the Asociatia Paws United dog shelter, where the dog will be staying until he finds a home.

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