Firefighters Save Unconscious Puppy Trapped In Burning Building

Within days of receiving their new pet-friendly oxygen masks, these firefighters were already putting them into action. And they caught the whole thing on their body cams.

When it comes to saving pets, firefighters are up to the task and rescue countless pets every year. But their jobs are made a lot easier if they are properly equipped to save our fur friends. Just how much of a difference is highlighted in this video of a real-time rescue of a puppy saved from a smoke-filled building.

“Within days of the masks going into use, firefighters based at Billesley in Birmingham, UK used one to revive the puppy seen in the video, which was captured by firefighters on mobile phones and body-worn cameras. The animal had been overcome by smoke in a domestic fire,” says the video’s description. “West Midlands Fire Service is the second largest in the UK outside of London. Fire engines based at each of its thirty-eight fire stations now carry specially-designed oxygen masks to use on pets that have been overcome by the effects of smoke in a fire. There are three reusable masks in each kit, each of different sizes, several of which have been provided by public donation and in conjunction with the Smokey Paws charity.”