Cops Respond To Complaints About Slip ‘N Slide And End Up Joining In On The Fun

A neighborly misunderstanding turned into a moment of community bonding between North Carolina police officers and residents in a neighborhood in Asheville.

Police officers were responding to the scene after receiving complaints about a slip-n-slide that some parents had built for children in the block over the July 4 weekend. The officers quickly established there was no problem with the slide blocking the road and asked to join in the fun.

Video of North Carolina police officers enjoying a slip-n-slide with children has since gone viral. Katlen Joyce Smith, who lives in Asheville, told local media they were surprised, but happy that the cops joined in.

“When the female officer asked for a garbage bag, we almost didn’t believe it. But she took off her radio and went for it,” Katlen told a news outlet, when senior officer Carrie Lee, who initially responded to the scene with her colleague officer Joe Jones. Officer Jones also wanted in on the fun, but the black garbage bags wouldn’t fit him, so one of the neighborhood kids brought an inflatable raft so that he could have some fun as well!

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