Aunt’s Dog-Sitting Instructions To Her Nephew Are Hilariously Relatable To Any Dog Lover

Pepper’s is one well-loved dog. Her human mom dotes on her and makes sure she’s got everything she needs to be happy. So, it’s no wonder that Pepper’s mom was worried about leaving her in someone else’s care when she had to leave home for a while. That’s what Tommy Rivers discovered when he promised to babysit Pepper for his aunt. His aunt  made sure she left some very detailed instructions about how to care for Pepper properly. And when you read her instructions, you’ll see why Tommy had to share them online  – they’re absolutely precious!


Tommy Rivers posted them on Twitter, writing: “My aunt is having me house sit and watch her dog and omg she’s took much lol.”


The letter reads:

the most Beautiful Girl in the world

Breakfast 8am 1/4 cup food & fill bowl with fresh water
Dinner 5 pm 1/4 cup food & fill bowl with fresh water

no carbs
dog bone every other day

Play Time:
Fetch — shoot ball with green gun — daily
Walk around the block — optional

big hugs little kiss
belly rubs

Send photo of Pepper every day so I can see she’s okay
Face Time with Pepper so I can talk to her


Yell at Pepper — she barks when you get home, barks when she hears a suspicious noise and barks to communicate
Hit, spank or kick Pepper — don’t you hurt her!
let her escape – know where she’s at At all times
and most important….

Don’t you Hate her cause you Ain’t her!

Tommy later updated everyone with another picture of Pepper after his aunt’s dog-sitting instructions went viral. From the looks of things, Pepper is very pampered and being well looked after, so I think her mom can let out a sigh of relief.


I think every dog lover can relate to Tommy’s aunt list of concerns and add a few more “to do’s” of their own to the list, don’t you? Share with your friends and family, if you love what Tommy’s aunt wrote.