Samoyed Trapped On Arctic Ice Floe Rescued By Sailors

A 1-year-old Samoyed went on an unexpected journey after she became trapped on an ice floe after wandering off from a Russian village near the Arctic Circle. Luckily for the stranded pup, Russian sailors on an icebreaker spotted the white dog on the sea ice.

The sailors lowered a ladder down to the dog and called for her. The dog named Aika responded by wagging her tail and made her way onto the deck of the ship. Once onboard, the sailors worked to warm up Aika and gave her a biscuit. The crew were able to track down Aika’s owner who was relieved that Aika was found and rescued. So Aika was loaded up onto a hydrofoil and reunited with her human. The woman said that Aika is doing much better now.

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