Large Moose Plows Through Snow Towards Surprised Hikers

A group of hikers got an unexpectedly close view of a moose after the large animal charged towards them on a trail.

The hikers in in Gaspesia, Quebec in Canada had stopped for a bite to eat after trekking through the deep, fresh snow and noticed a moose in the distance. The animal was far away and circling around in the snow. The moose appears to want to head in their direction but can’t make up his mind if he wants to get closer to them.

Screenshot via YouTube

But after seeing the clear path that the people had made, the moose decides to make a run for it. All of a sudden the moose begins to barrel down the path at tremendous speed.

Screenshot via YouTube

The snow is waist-deep, creating a snow plume as the moose runs and you can see the snow is up to the hikers’ waists so it made it somewhat difficult to get out of the moose’s way, but luckily he veers off the path last minute.

Screenshot via YouTube

It’s a dramatic moment, spectacularly caught on camera. Watch for yourself in the video below.

Note: the action starts around 1:43 in the video.