Goofy Horse Joins Maternity Shoot And Makes His Family Laugh

Maternity shoots are a great way for couples to remember the special moment in time before the baby arrives. And for Amanda Eckstein and her partner Phil, they have some very memorable photos to remember thanks to Buckshot the horse.

Amanda asked her cousin and professional photographer Kristen Zaffiro to take maternity photos for them, but she wanted to include their horses. When it came time for Buckshot to join in, he decided to bring out his inner clown.

Kristen shared the photos on her Facebook Page, Photography By Kristin, and wrote: “THIS photo session…I laughed so hard! Who knew when I told THIS horse to smile, he would!!

Buckshot obliged and broke into a huge grin that made it hard for his family to keep a straight face!

What a wonderful goofball.

For Kristin, she said it was her “best maternity session ever.”

In all fairness to Buckshot, he didn’t goof off through the entire photo shoot.

Kristen still managed to get some lovely shots of the family together, with everyone sharing the spotlight equally.

It’s hard to to laugh when looking through the photos, which have gone viral thanks to Buckshot’s unexpected contribution. But we can all agree, smiles and laughter are a huge part of what bond families together. Amanda and Phil and Kristen were just lucky enough to catch the fun moment on camera.

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