Funny Horses Terrified Of Tiny Bunny Rabbit In Their Path

A fluffy bunny came between two horses and their dinner and the resulting video is a comedic gem. Samantha May of Mayfeather Farm was calling for her two horses, Pie and Domino, to come and get their dinner when the pair stopped dead in their tracks. There, in the middle of the path in front of them, sat a terrifying creature. What was it? What would this little creature do to them? How could they get by it safely? You can just see Pie and Domino thinking about what to do.

Noticing her horses’ reluctance to get closer to the rabbit, she tried to coax them over and convince them the bunny posed no threat. “Guys, it’s a bunny,” she said. “It’s just a bunny.”

Pie and Domino weren’t convinced so Samantha tried another tack and their reactions are hilarious!

What’s scary is all a matter of perspective, I guess. Or maybe the two horses have watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail and remember the scene with the “not so ordinary rabbit” and know better than to venture forward! Whatever their reasons, it makes for a very funny video. Although I do wonder if they ever got their dinner.

“We love so much that our silly boys can put a smile on so many faces!” Samantha wrote after her video went viral. Samantha shared that “Pie is a Pinto mixed breed draft and paint, always full of personality. Domino is an appaloosa, and yes he only has 1 eye! He’s our pirate pony!”

The funny animal video was just asking for OzzyMan to take notice and add his comedic video commentary. Here’s his interpretation of what the two horses are really thinking (note “cheeky” NSFW language used).

More of Pie and Domino’s adventures can be seen on the May Feather Farm Facebook page.

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