Fisherman Sees Fox Stranded On Sheet Of Ice And Helps Ferry Him Ashore

A fisherman helps save a fox stranded on a sheet ice floating in the river in this unusual animal rescue video.

The man was out on the water near Shlisselburg, Russia, when he spotted the canine pacing back and forth on a small piece of ice. The ice was floating further away from shore, almost certainly putting the fox at risk of drowning.


As the fisherman approaches the fox castaway, a bird flies off and the fox looks up, perhaps to determine if the figure approaching is a threat.

Rather than risk trying to catch the fox – which would likely be dangerous for both parties – the fisherman instead decides to used his boat to push the floating ice towards shore.


The fox seems to immediately know he is being ferried to dry land and keeps a lookout to see how far from shore they are.


And when they get close enough, the fox jumps into the water and swims the rest of the way to dry land. The kind fisherman waits to make sure the fox makes it, watching as the fox shakes off his wet fur and heads off into the woods. You can watch the fisherman ferry the fox to shore in the video below.

If you have any trouble viewing the video above, try the one below.