Dramatic Puppy Fakes Death When Playing

This puppy puts on a dramatic performance while playing that is worthy of an Oscar! The video opens with two dogs playing on a driveway. Or rather, one is dashing around, zooming back and forth while the other watches, his tail wagging in friendly fashion.

When the one hyper dog approaches him to play, she suddenly halts right in front of him. The stationary dog opens his mouth for a playful grab when all of a sudden she keels over and collapses. Is she mortally wounded? Having a seizure. No…within seconds she looks up at the other dog to see if he’s ready to play more and then she’s up and zooming around.

It’s a hilarious moment, which her humans were lucky enough to catch on camera.

This pup isn’t the first to fake out a dog by playing dead. Just watch what this cat does.